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Thank You...and A Sin Dance Once Again Available on All Streaming Platforms 


















For whatever these numbers are worth, I would like to sincerely say thank you to everyone who made this possible. Thank you to Wendy Anne for being my love and boundless support (as well as the amazing pics!), Scott Mackey for helping to bring this to life, Natasha Ward for the New Years pic, Meike Hakkaart for the amazing artwork, and Mike Nolte @ Eureka Mastering for doing what you do well. Thank you to my family and friends for always being there with your unwavering support and encouragement. And last but certainly not least, thank you to all who have listened and shared the ride along the way, helping to get The Behaviour out to the world.

Also, some may have noticed that the album was not available for streaming for the last several weeks. After some issues with the distributor, it is now again available everywhere on all streaming platforms. 

Working on the next at this point in time, some bits coming soon. Stay tuned here and on Instagram.

Thank you for listening….

The Behaviour Live Acoustic Performance on 91.1 WREK Atlanta Airs 10 PM December 19th, 2023! 

The Behaviour is excited to announce it will be performing a rare acoustic performance on Atlanta's college radio station 91.1 WREK. The show will air at 10pm EST on Tuesday, December 19th, 2023; you can catch the performance live online here. The Behaviour will be playing acoustic versions of the songs featured on the album A Sin Dance, as well as conducting an on air interview. Please tune in to hear these versions, and stay posted here and on the Instagram page for more news coming soon…

The Latest Single, "Strangelic (edit)" is Releasing Friday December 15th, 2023! 

The latest single "Strangelic (edit)" is dropping this Friday. This song is an ethereal composition of dense and melodic frequencies, and moving and affecting harmonies. It is a very personal expression of longing, desperation, and hope for salvation and atonement, after accepting one's fate in the face of consequences and lack of control. Please stay tuned here for the links, and follow The Behaviour on Instagram for more updates and news to follow…

It's Been Leading to This... 

The debut album, A Sin Dance, is now available worldwide across all streaming platforms! Over a year in the making, the road has led to hear…here. Follow the link(s) to listen or purchase. For those who purchase on Bandcamp, there will also be digital artwork/booklet available for download (please allow roughly two weeks from date of release). Please be sure to follow The Behaviour on Instagram for more updates as well; there will be more to share in the coming days and weeks…

Track Listing:

  1. Burning of the Neon Dream
  2. An Untouchable Relic 
  3. Affecting 
  4. Turning Tricks… 
  5. …in the Parlour
  6. Strangelic 
  7. Ascendance


All words/music written, arranged, and performed by Der Baron M. Kilpatric

Published by BaronMetrics (ASCAP), administered worldwide by TuneCore Publishing 

Guitar solo on Affecting by Michael Kilpatric

Percussive wrists and ankles on Burning of the Neon Dream and Strangelic provided by Paul Deceglie, Larry Donaldson, and Mike Howell

Produced by Scott Mackey and Der Baron M. Kilpatric 

Recorded and mixed by Scott Mackey at Le Chateau de Bonzeaux

Additional recording and mixing by Der Baron M. Kilpatric at The Asylum

Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering (

Photography by Wendy Anne (@wendyanne4444)

Cover Art “I’ve Seen It All”, by Meike Hakkaart (@artofmaquenda)

Used by kind permission

Logo, Layout, and Design by Jason Tapler


This album would not have been made possible without the support and love of my Kilpatric, Roeder, and McCaffree families. 

Many a sincere thank you and upmost respect goes to: The Eternal and Revered Ancestors, Scott Mackey (Mr. Marker), Wendy Anne, Mike & Natasha Ward, Sugey, Izzy, and Louis, Mike Nolte, Paul Deceglie, Jason Tapler, Meike Hakkaart, Daniel Watson, Anthony Mazzocco, Daniel & Lisa Hartman, Eric Crawford, the Debari family, the Edlich family, Pia Francesca, Tyler Heguy, Justin Read, Dr. DG, Dr. SSS, Manly P. Hall, Dr. Steven Greer, Elena Danaan, Huraki Murakami. 

This album is dedicated to all the Light Workers who have refined their Shining through the reckoning of their shadows. We are more than but equal. 

And also to all those we have lost along the way - may you have found that light in the end. This one’s for you Billy.

For maximum sonority, this album is best ingested at high volume.

The Behaviour exclusively uses C&C Drum Company, ProMark Drumsticks, Rhythm Tech Percussion, DW Hardware, Remo Heads, Ernie Ball Strings.

For More Information:

Lyrics Reprinted by Permission

℗© 2023 The Behaviour LLC


©℗ 2023 The Behaviour LLC