The journey you have taken...from drumming for groups to emerging as a solo artist, is both inspiring and evident in your music. Your vast experience translates into an indelible understanding of rhythm and tone, making your work a testament to your journey and an unfiltered outlet for your creative prowess.” - Delvin

Tunepical Magazine

'Turning Tricks...' by The Behaviour is a captivating and enigmatic musical journey, blending dark and poetic lyrics with a skillfully balanced musical composition that uncovers intricate layers and profound storytelling.” - Stefani M.C. Janelli


'An Untouchable Relic' stands as a testament to The Behaviour's talents and to the power of music to captivate and evolve, offering a riveting experience that lingers in the mind long after the final note fades away.” - Amy


'Burning of the Neon Dream' is a slithering and serpentine-like track that brings Queens of the Stone Age and Josh Homme‘s The Desert Sessions to mind with the song being built around arena rock friendly power chords and enormous, remarkably catchy hooks.” - William Ruben Helms

The Joy of Violent Movement

The Behaviour’s mastery of their craft is evident throughout the track, with tight musicianship and a sound that feels nostalgic and fresh. 'Burning of the Neon Dream' is an intoxicating blend of the enduring power of rock music and a promising melodic taste of what’s to come from The Behaviour’s debut album, 'A Sin Dance.' Prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride through this electrifying anthem, where rock reigns supreme, embracing the fire that sets ablaze conformity.”

HONK Magazine

Really great work here. Such a melancholic vibe but also super relaxing and able to zone out to this. The vocals blend effortlessly with the instrumental, adding this trance like effect to it. It was enjoyable. ” - Gabe


The Behaviour's 'A Sin Dance' is an enchanting debut album that showcases the artist's talent for crafting gothic and melodic compositions. Through haunting vocals, mesmerizing melodies, and atmospheric arrangements, The Behaviour takes listeners on a captivating journey through the realms of darkness and beauty. With its introspective lyrics, evocative soundscapes, and unique blend of genres, 'A Sin Dance' establishes The Behaviour as a captivating force within the gothic music scene. Fans of gothic rock, melodic music, and atmospheric soundscapes will find themselves irresistibly drawn into the haunting world of 'A Sin Dance'.” - Wendy Anne

Rogue Poet

The album beckons you with its stimulating lyrics and captivating composition—an atmosphere of mystique and allure. A Sin Dance promises a deep and personal journey, transcending the ordinary and marking The Behaviour as a name to remember in the post-alternative rock scene. ” - Jack Marin

Rattler Magazine

A Sin Dance is a personal and introspective album that is sure to resonate with listeners. ”


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